Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief Apologizes for Customer Data Access



Bloomberg LP continues to face backlash following last week’s revelation that Bloomberg journalists were able to access information about subscriber activity on terminals, Bloomberg’s $20,000-per-year financial news and data delivery system. Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg’s 2,300-person global news operation, issued an apology on Bloomberg View Monday.

“Our reporters should not have access to any data considered proprietary,” Winkler wrote. “I am sorry they did. The error is inexcusable.”

On Thursday, the New York Post revealed that Goldman Sachs had recently confronted Bloomberg over journalists’ access to its employees’ terminal use. Journalists — thousands of them — were able to view subscribers’ contact information and monitor login activity. According to the Post, a Bloomberg reporter once asked a Goldman exec whether a partner at the bank had departed because he hadn’t logged into his Bloomberg terminal recently. Reporters were even able to access conversations between subscribers and Bloomberg’s customer service department. Bloomberg reporters could not, however, view a subscriber’s portfolio, see what trades had been made, nor which articles had been read. Read more…

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